Motorcycle Rental Terms and Conditions:

Motorcycle Rental Terms and Conditions:


1) Present actual current Driver's Licence (If local, there should be #2 restriction), or International Driver's License,.

2) Present actual current Passport (for locals, will be held by the lessor until return of the unit; for foreign nationals, we will just make a copy of it).

3) Give P5,000 or P10,000 refundable deposit (depending on the bike being rented). Pay full amount of the rental fee for the duration of

    the rental. (Security deposit will be refunded to the lessee upon return and inspection of the unit; theft, damage to the unit if there will be,

    including scratches, will be charged accordingly.

4) We have the right to refuse rental for failure to provide these documents and to anyone which we deemed is not fit to drive a motorcycle.


Please Take Note of the Following:

1)  All units are maintained regularly and are in good running condition upon rental. If any problem arises or breakdown, please call our office and look for 

     Roberto L. Silloco or Mimi Montera 927-6075 / 710-1216 / 0917-5290744 /  0917-6371354 for immediate assistance. All units are owned and operated

     by Roberto L. Silloco.

2) Our units are allowed only to be used as a convenient way of transportation and should not be used by any means for racing, off-roading, trail and

     Motocross riding. There will be a limit of 100 kilometers per day. In excess of the limit, will be charged P20.00 / additional kilometer or charge 1 extra 

     day rental, whichever is lower upon computation. If over 100 kilometers beyond the limit, charges will be 1 day and P20 / additional kilometer for

    the remaining over the limit, All units are tank full of fuel upon pick-up and must be returned full tank also. Fuel is for the account of the lessee.

3) Fraction hour of the day will be considered 1 full day rental charge.

4) All lessees should abide by the vehicular law of the Philippines and our units should not be used in any unlawful act or manner. By law, we will have to

    report to the proper authorities any unlawful act committed by the lessee.

5) Motorcycle Riders in the Philippines are required to wear a Motorcycle Helmet which is ICC Certified. There will be one free helmet that comes with

    the motorcycle rental, (additional helmet will be charge P100 / day); you can also purchase a Face Mask from us or you can bring your own for sanitary


For Long Term Lease:

1) In case of long term lease (3 months or more), maintenance including change oil (every 2,000 kilometres) and repair (in case of breakdown) of the unit

    will be shouldered by the lessee.

2) Failure to complete the agreed duration of the rental contract for long term lease, the charges will be computed on a regular daily rate basis 

    depending on how many days the motorcycle was in the possession of the lessee in the amount of P________ / day plus extra mileage charge

    mentioned above if there will be any. 



Please drive carefully and be alert at all times, there is a risk when driving a motorcycle and we will not be held accountable for any injury or death

that might arise due to accident or crash when using our Motorcycle Units.


I,_________________________, of legal age, citizen of ___________________, and presently residing at __________________________________________________________, fully read, understand, and agree to the above terms and conditions.



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